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check out the second annual south by southpaw festival, april 12-14 in the cafe!



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Future Economy Collective is an all-volunteer-run collective working towards a better future where everyone’s needs are met, everyone’s human rights respected, and everyone’s existence is celebrated. Our biggest focuses are on community building and mutual aid.  In effort to support these missions Future Economy Collective runs several projects, such as the Southpaw Café and Community Space, the Community Fridge, the Community Pantry, the Seed Share, The Winter Clothes Exchange. The Southpaw Café and Community Space is a safe space and a transformative space that serves as a refuge for oppressed and marginalized community members in the area, as a space for those who are excluded from other spaces, for those who are doing great transformative community work, and more. Southpaw hosts workshops, teach-ins, social events, organizing activities, live shows, and other events that serve these missions. The Community Fridge, Community Pantry, and the Seed Share are part of the mutual aid circle of care that Future Economy Collective bolsters within the local community. The Community Fridge and Pantry serve to decrease local food insecurity and food waste, with hundreds of local families visiting per year. The Seed Share also serves to decrease food insecurity, community preparedness and autonomy, and independence from the market forces that affect food affordability. All donations and purchases are directly invested into the community through our community projects.